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Live Blog – Mobile Ad Opportunities Today and Tomorrow

This is a live blog post from the Acquisio User Summit 2012. Everything that follows is a representation of what the speakers said and not a direct quote. I have tried to remain as accurate as possible, but if you feel like any point has been misrepresented, please feel free to leave a comment below. Speakers: Alexandre Pelletier (AP), Crystal Anderson (CA) and Jeff Allen (JA) *** Read more →

Mobile PPC Strategies – Interview with Laura Garrido

With such high expectations for mobile advertising this year, marketers have a lot to consider — from high-level mobile ad strategy and deployment to working out a mobile budget. Well, with Google as the #1 mobile site destination, one thing is clear enough: mobile PPC will likely be part of any mobile advertising strategy. Recently, I got to ask Laura Garrido… Read more →

Optimizing Your Site for Mobile Search

Last friday I delivered a presentation at MobileCamp Montreal on how to optimized your site for mobile search. In this presentation, I explored: how mobile search is growing (500% in 2 years!) what verticals of mobile search have seen the most growth how, where, and when mobile users search how smartphone searches often result in high conversion rates the basics… Read more →