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SEO Training Courses

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick…

Search Engine Optimization requires ongoing efforts both onsite and off. Socialed can help prepare your team for the task of improving your rankings on an ongoing basis. We provide both theoretical and practical training in SEO, and are available to help your business devise an SEO strategy that’s effective and sustainable.

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All training sessions are customized around your business goals and the needs of your team. Some potential themes and topics are outlined below.

Intro to SEO: an overview of (1) the nature of search engine traffic, and (2) options for targeting users through search.

Keyword Research: an introduction on how to conduct basic keyword research to identify which keywords offer the most relevant traffic opportunities.

Onsite SEO Basics: an overview what key elements on page can be optimized for high volume targeted keywords, including:

  • Keyword Density
  • Meta Content
  • SEO Page Elements

SEO Copywriting: a workshop on how to produce/edit content that it is both optimized for search and user-friendly; examples will include:

  • Site Copy
  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases

Offsite SEO: an overview of what offsite factors impact search engine rankings; topics will include:

  • Different Linkbuilding Strategies
  • Evaluating the Value of a Links
  • Linkbuilding Best Practices