Social Media Training Courses

From public relations and customer service to branding lead generation, social media can be used in a variety of ways to help you reach your business goals. Socialed works with brands to help their teams identify and leverage the social media opportunities that suit their business needs.

We offer a variety of social media workshops to help train your team on everything from strategy to tactics to best practices. All social media training sessions are customized around the needs of your business and industry. Some popular themes and topics are outlined below.

Social Content Strategy & Inbound Marketing

Learn how your company can drive sales and foster customer retention by getting social and producing content that resonates with your customers. In this session, we’ll look at how a strategic and targeted approach can (1) support SEO, (2) increase your brand’s visibility, and (3) helps generate leads. Themes will include:

  • Social Media Goals: an overview of the different S.M.A.R.T goals that social media can help you reach.
  • Blogging for Business: discover how blogs can (1) anchor your social media presence, (2) support both SEO efforts, and (3) drive targeted traffic to your site.
  • Content Strategy: learn how to develop, deploy and manage a content strategy that (1) reflects your products/services, (2) increases your brand’s visibility, and (3) engages consumers.

Facebook Marketing Tools & Tactics

Want to learn how your business can use Facebook to effectively market its products/services? In this session, we’ll examine of how your business can (1) engage consumers through Facebook by (2) syndicating its branded content through its Facebook Page. Topics will include:

  • Facebook Page Optimization: an step-by-step overview of how your business can (1) increase the visibility of its Facebook Page, and (2) maximize it’s ability to convert users into Fans.
  • Facebook Ads: an introduction to the Facebook’s self-serve ad platform and how you business can leverage this channel to increase both Fans and sales.
  • Facebook Contests: an overview of how your business can leverage Facebook’s contest features to (1) increase brand awareness, (2) gain more fans, and (3) stimulate demand in its services.

Community Management Strategies

Do you want to learn how your business can build and manage its reputation online? In this workshop, we’ll explore (1) the principles of reputation & community management across multiple social networks and (2) how to engage consumers online. Topics will include:

  • Best Practices: an overview of (1) appropriate conduct for brands when interacting with users, (2) guidelines for a social media policy, and (3) tactics for increasing and maintaining user engagement.
  • Facebook Strategy: guidelines on how to interact with users on Facebook in a way that enhances your brand’s reach.
  • Twitter Strategy: guidelines on how to (1) target, and (2) interact Twitter users on an ongoing basis in a way that supports both lead-generation & SEO.
  • LinkedIn Strategy: recommendations on how to better engage the professional community on a continual & ongoing basis.

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