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You understand the value that your brand offers. But does your audience? Is it part of your messaging? Does that messaging address users’ needs? Is it contributing to the conversations that matter to them?

Socialed Inc. can help your business do that.

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Content Marketing lets your brand demonstrate how it understands users’ needs and challenges. It allows your brand to build trust and authority by joining in on the conversations that matter to them. It creates an opportunity to demonstrate how your products or services can help them overcome those challenges or fill those needs.

Our Approach to Content Marketing

Effective Content Marketing beings with data – data about users’ needs and behaviours, and data about competitor positioning and performance. A targeted Content Strategy addresses all of these.

Socialed Inc. develops content strategies that reflect market realities and opportunities. We identify audience values, analyze competitor offerings, and help brands develop messaging strategies that resonate with audience values, build trust and relationships with them, and support business goals. 

Identifying goals + KPIs

Establish measurable content outcomes.

Content can support a variety of business goals (or even a blend of them) – e.g. lead-gen, SEO, customer support, page views, conversions, to name just a few. Socialed Inc. will work with your team to identify how content can support your brand’s business priorities, whatever they might be.

Audience analysis

Know your audience(s) and how to speak to them.

Your brand knows its market segments. But does it fully understand where they engage with content, what messaging resonates with them, and what content inspires them to take action? Socialed Inc. will help your brand gain a better understanding of your audience’s needs and values so you can engage them on their terms.

Content audit and strategy

Understand what works and plan accordingly.

Maybe you’ve done some content marketing, maybe not. Maybe your competitors are winning with content marketing, maybe not. Socialed Inc. will assess your industry’s content marketplace, identify content opportunities based on performance and user engagement, and help your brand plan a content strategy what will produce tangible results based on established goals and KPIs.

Competitive content analysis

Assessing your content footprint vs. the competition.

A competitive content analysis allows you to compare your brand’s content output against the competition. socialed inc. will map out your content footprint, messaging, and engagement + generate key insights into how to bridge any gaps that might exist. 

Content planning + production

Launch a content campaign that performs.

Content Marketing is a channel that builds equity in the medium- to long-term. It requires sustained commitment and follow-through. Socialed Inc. will work with your team to create an actionable content calendar that aligns your brand’s messaging with market demand , and support them in producing optimized content on a basis that support business goals.

Ongoing measurement + optimization

Measure content performance. And optimize it.

Markets grow. Users’ needs change. And Content Marketing should reflect that growth and change with them. Socialed Inc. will help your brand measure its content’s ongoing performance. We’ll help you identify new opportunities, adapt to new market trends, and create new forms of content based on your audience’s evolving needs.