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Social Media Marketing

Your audience is greater than the sum it’s parts. Your audience is a community – driven by values and inspired by its conversations. But is your brand part of that narrative? And is it contributing to that conversation?

Socialed Inc. can help make sure that it does.

Social media marketing is about more than posting updates or targeting users with ads according to their interests or demographics. It’s about participating in community and building trust through meaningful contributions. It’s about engaging users and inspiring them to take actions that support your business goals.


An effective social media strategy should reflect the needs and values of your audience, and weave around how those needs bind members of that audience into a  community. Socialed Inc. develops social media marketing strategies and campaigns that align your brand’s business goals with the real-world.

We identify the communities that matter most to your audience, and tailor your messaging to contribute to those conversations in meaningful ways.

Identifying Goals + KPIs

Understanding where your business is and where it is striving to be.

Social Media Marketing strategies support cross-channel objectives and offer your brand a seat at the table. Socialed Inc. will work with your team to establish a plan of action centered around evolving trends, relevant KPIs, and business objectives. 

Social Media Audit + Strategy

Comparing your brand’s digital footprint to the competition.

Not all social media strategies are created equally. A social media audit will magnify opportunities to close competitive gaps and set trends of your own. Socialed Inc. will assess the digital landscape as well as your current social media efforts to generate actionable insights and develop a social media strategy around it to bridge any gaps that may exist.

Implementation + Training

Putting your brand where it needs to be – in front of qualified users.

The social media landscape changes on a dime and successful social media strategies account for this. Socialed Inc. analyzes your campaign’s results, identifies any new opportunities, and works with your team to optimize your social media strategy throughout its lifecycle. 

Content Planning + Management

Realizing your brand’s social presence + engagement.

Effective social media marketing requires vision, consistency, and optimization. It requires an understanding of the landscape where your brand and its followers connect. Socialed Inc. will help your business research, plan, and create social content assets that engage your audience on their terms and communicate your brand’s value-prop in a way that drives conversions.

Ongoing Support + Measurement

Where results meet optimization.

The social media landscape changes on a dime. Our social media strategies account for this. Socialed Inc. analyzes your campaign’s results, identifies any new opportunities, and works with your team to optimize your ongoing social media strategy to help you reach your business objectives.


What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of raising brand awareness and/or communicating a brand’s value-prop and USP by seeding content and engaging users across relevant social platforms.

All social media marketing begins with content – whether it be the content of individual status updates, image or videos posted directly to social networks, or links to value-added content on a brand’s site.

By shareing value-added content with users on social platforms, brands are able to foster engagement with users, build trust with them, establish themselves as authorities within their industry, and ultimately generate more leads, sales, and other conversions.

Why is social media marketing important?

Social media markeitng is important simply because consumers rely on social networks everyday to stay connected, discover products or services, and research whcih brands are trustworthy and/or authorities in their field.

Furthermore, social media marketing allows brands to establish their legitimacy as a business. After all, in the age where all users are connected through social media, the brands that are the most engaged are naturally regarded as leaders in their fields.

Does social media marketing work?

Yes, social media marketing can be a highly effective way of engaging audiences, building trust with them, generating sales or leads, and even enhancing customer retention. It’s important, however, that a brand’s social media strategy speaks to the needs and interests of its social media audience, and that its social media content is tailored for the social platforms its audience rely on.

In other words, to be successful, a social media marketing campaign must be both strategic and measured. First, a brand should clearly define it’s target market(s). Second, a brand must identify on which social media platforms that audience is most engaged. Then, a brand needs to tailor its messaging and content to not only suit those channels, but address the needs of its audience, and have a clear call-to-action.

How does social media marketing work?

Social media marketing works by helping brands connect with their target audience on their own terms (i.e.on platforms where they’re already engaged), build trust with them, and communicate their messaging and value-prop in dynamic and compelling ways.

Specifically, social media works by empowering brands to create value-added content that addresses users needs and speaks to their interests, and then repurpose it to suit the ecosystem of relevant social media platforms. In doing so, brands are able to support goals at all levels of the conversion funnel, including generating brand awareness (top-of-funnel), communicating how their products/services address their needs (middle-of-funnel), and inspiring users to engage with those products/services (bottom-of-funnel).

How does social media marketing help businesses?

Social media can help businesses on a variety of fronts.

  • First, it helps estatblish legitimacy by demonstrating that a business and active online.
  • Second, social media helps businesses reach and engage with their target audience.
  • Third, it allows businesses to build trust with their audience by sharing value-added content that addresses to the needs of that audience.
  • Fourth, social media helps businesses generate conversions from that content, whether that be sales, registrations, or simple engagements.
  • Finally, it helps businesses refine their messaging and marketing efforts through the data they collect on what content and campaigns were most effective.

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