Content Marketing

Does your team believe the adage “Content is King”? Is your organization looking for ways to develop engaging content that can support its SEO, social media, and customer care goals?

Socialed’s Content Marketing team can help!

At Socialed, we excel in developing content strategies that actually produce results, and helping our clients implement and maintain them.


Our Approach to Content Marketing

As with our SEO and Social Media services, Socialed approaches content marketing in a measured, strategic way. Our goal is to not only help you determine what kinds of content you should produce to meet your goals, but actually generate that content and then disseminate it across the right channels.

Step 1: Defining Goals & KPIs

Before determinig what kinds of content (e.g. blog posts vs infographics vs ebooks) your brand should be producing, our team first takes the time to understand your business needs. From there, we can then establish KPIs that can be used to measure and evaluate any future content marketing efforts.

Step 2: Content Audit & Competitive Analysis

Once we’ve established firm KPIs of what counts as a content marketing success, we then conduct a comprehensive analysis of how your brand and its competitors are using content to market their products/services, and identify what approaches have been most effective. From there, we can then develop a custom content strategy that maximizes your brand’s resources and budget.

Step 3: Content Planning & Development

With a custom content strategy in place, we then support your team through every step of the content production process. From developing content themes to planning and managing your editorial calendar, Socialed will ensure that your content strategy is deployed with timing and precision.

Step 4: Seeding & Syndication

The Socialed team will not only help you produce and optimize your content, but also get that content in front of the right audience. From developing your social media reach to establishing strategic content syndication partnerships, Socialed will ensure that you maximize the value of your content assets.

Step 5: Measurement & Optimization

As your content strategy continues to unfold, Socialed will help you measure results and optimize ongoing efforts. Our team will track the performance of content types, assess those with the greatest impact on your bottom line, and refine your efforts according to performance-based metrics.

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