Search Engine Optimization

There are already hundreds (or even thousands) of consumers looking the kinds of products and services that your business sells. Now what if it was your brand they found when they went looking?

Socialed Inc. can help make that happen.

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Organic search represents the most targeted source of traffic online because it’s comprised of users that are actively searching for the products, services, and/or solutions that your brand offers. They’re targeted. They’re qualified. They’re engaged. They are already one step down the conversion funnel.

Our Approach to SEO

SEO is a data-driven process – driven by how users search, and driven by their intent. But search data data does not mean the same thing to every brand or every business.

At Socialed Inc., we take a measured approach to SEO. We evaluate your business goals and your brand’s values, and map them established search trends to ensure that your brand’s USP and value-prop speaks to users’ established search patterns. Indeed, we build SEO campaigns that align your brand’s messaging with SEO best practices, and targets your audiences in a way that converts users into customers. 

Identifying Goals + KPIs

Understand where your brand is and where it needs to be.

Socialed Inc. works with your team to understand your business’s goals and identify meaningful KPIs that reflect them. We go beyond mere rankings, and help your business set goals that are specific, measurable, and tailored to your brand’s bottom line.

SEO Audit + Strategy

Let the data speak for itself and listen.

The first step to a successful SEO campaign is understanding the competitive landscape, where your brand is positioned in search results and where its competitive advantages are.

Socialed Inc. will conduct an in-depth competitive analysis and audit of your site, identify all SEO gaps and opportunities, and roadmap a strategy for elevating your brand and its value-prop in the SERPs

Keyword + Content Optimization

Understand how users are searching for what your brand offers them.

You know how to describe your products or services, but do your customers? Do you know how they describe them and search for them?

Socialed Inc. will help your business aggregate, parse, and mine actionable search data to understand how users discover the products and services that your brand (and its competitors) offer, and target them through keyword optimization and value-added content.

Implementation + Execution

Drive conversions and reach your brand’s SEO potential.

Once your brand’s SEO strategy is clear, then comes the heavy lifting. Socialed Inc. will work closely with your team to (1) identify what they can implement internally, (2) help them roadmap that process, (3) support and coach them throughout, and (4) execute on any SEO tactics that are outside their expertise or bandwidth.

In other words, we help your business proactively close gaps and engage opportunities. 

Ongoing measurement + Support

Monitor SEO progress. Measure it. And refine efforts.

Marketers plan. God laughs. Things Change. And your business can’t step in the same river twice. So a successful SEO strategy requires ongoing measurement and adjustment in response to changes in the marketplace and search algorithms.

Socialed Inc. will help your brand monitor SEO results according to the KPIs that mean something to your business, generate actionable insights, and continually tailor your SEO strategy according to emerging trends and your brand’s evolving goals.