Search Engine Optimization

There are hundreds or thousands (or maybe even millions) of people already using search engines to look for products or services that you sell.

Socialed can help you reach them…

SEO represents the most targeted source of traffic, and at Socialed we work closely with clients to help them:

  • Identify keywords that potential customers are searching for
  • Rank higher in search results on the most targeted search terms
  • Attract targeted traffic to their site
  • and Boost their brand’s visibility online

From onsite optimization to advanced offisite and content strategies, we will help you build an SEO strategy that makes sense for your goals. For more information on our services or a free SEO quote, please contact us.


Our Approach to SEO

Socialed takes a measured approach to SEO, building strategies around your company’s existing business goals. When you work with Socialed to boost your search engine rankings, you can expect a process that is both focused on your unique business’s goals and educated your team in SEO best practices.

Step 1: Identifying Goals & KPIs

The first step for Socialed is to meet with internal team members and stakeholders to better understand your business goals and the best way to measure progress toward them.

Step 2: SEO Site Audit

The next step is a comprehensive analysis of your site’s infrastructure and content from a search engine perspective. Here we identify different ways you can improve your site’s performance in search engine results, and roadmap site modifications around your business priorities and available resources.

Step 3: Keyword Research

After your site has been audited from an SEO perspective, Socialed then helps you identify the most targeted and valuable keyword combinations. Here we build lists of targeted keyword themes for each of your products or services, and guide you in how to leverage that data to achieve higher search engine rankings.

Step 4: Implementation & Training

Once we’ve helped you build an SEO strategy around your business goals, Socialed works with your team to implement that strategy in a measured way. From implementing technical changes to your website to integrating to deploying an aggressive keyword optimization campaign, we provide your team with the training and project management tools necessary to ensure that you meet your SEO goals.

Step 5: Ongoing Support & Measurement

As you implement your SEO strategy, Socialed can also support your team in both its ongoing efforts and measuring results. We will help you track the performance of different campaign elements, assess which tactics are having the greatest impact on your search engine rankings, and refine your efforts toward producing maximum results.

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