Social Media Marketing

We believe that social means social, not just advertise. We believe that to engage a community, you have to be a part of that community. We believe these things not because they are just what we think, but because we have seen success based on measurable results.

Our Approach to Social Media

Socialed takes a measured and strategic approach to all things social media, building strategies that address tangible business goals. When you work with Socialed, what you get is a community and content strategy that address the needs of your business and its customers.

Step 1: Defining Goals & KPIs

The first step for Socialed is always to meet with your internal team and stakeholders to understand your business, its industry, its goals and how you measure success.

Step 2: Analysis, Audit & Strategy

The next step is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of how social media is being used in your industry, what’s working and what’s not, and how your brand compares to its competitors. We then weight that against your KPIs and develop a strategy on how to use different social media tools to address your specific business needs.

Step 3: Implementation & Training

Once we’ve refined a social media strategy, we work closely with your team to implement it in a measured manner. From roadmapping campaign milestones to training your team in social media best practices, we help you build a sustainable strategy that generates tangible results.

Step 4: Ongoing Support & Measurement

As you continue to engage users and build a community around your brand, Socialed can also support your team with ongoing strategy and measurement. From quantifying results to identifying new opportunities, we can help you refine efforts on an ongoing basis so that they are always producing maximum results.


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