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A Narrative Feast

This spooky season, we thought it would be fun to have our blog dress up for Halloween, and share some expert SEO and Content Marketing tips while cosplaying as different characters – both fictional and real. And since we write so much content here at Socialed, it’s only natural that some of those characters would be some of our favourite writers. So in this first post of our Halloween series, we imagine a fanfiction parody of what the great American writer Ernest Hemingway might write as a Content Marketer.

In the crisp digital landscape, content is akin to the very air we breathe in a bustling Italian town. As if strolling through a market square in the fall, each avenue you turn, each alley you explore, you encounter a different form of content – a moving picture, perhaps, or a simple query and its answer, tales woven into blog posts, illuminating tutorials, the seductive rhythm of website prose, or the clear, objective descriptions of your products.

In the economy of brand communication, content is not just another fleeting expense – it’s the tangible currency, the gold reserve. Every piece of content holds potential; potential that’s largely yours to unearth. Just as a soldier wields control over his rifle, your hand steers the direction, the purpose, and the pace of the content. It’s a mission, a purposeful stride, to meet your audience just when the dusk of their need sets in, with the dawn of your solution on the horizon.

Yet, much like a good wine, content matures, deepening its roots and widening its impact over time. The longer it lingers, the richer its dividends, touching lives, sparking engagements, leading hearts to new commitments. And within this dance of creation and distribution, lies the magic of transformation. For once birthed and given form, content is not bound to a single fate. It can don a new guise, traverse new paths, serenade new listeners.

In this ever-evolving digital terrain, your story, dear brand, is the age-old tale longing to be told, retold, and heard afresh.

Across the Digital Fronts: A Journey Through Content’s Battlegrounds

In the hills beyond the town, there was a funnel, not unlike the trenches and fronts I’d known in the war. At its expansive top, you would find a wide net of users, drawn in by the allure of new ideas and untapped stories. But as it narrows, down to the trenches of the funnel’s end, the same tactics, the same words, do not hold the same power. They are as different as love is in times of peace and in times of war.

Yet, there are tales, strong and timeless, that defy these boundaries. Tales that, like a bridge over the Piave, can span from one end to the other, allowing a brand to speak in one voice, resonating with many, echoing across the vast expanse of the funnel.

In the broad expanse of the Italian landscape, there was a path, a journey like the one I knew in the mountains.


At the very pinnacle, at what we might call the top-of-the-mountain, men do not rush to sell their wines or olives. No, it is about the allure of stories and songs, the tales of old and new. The travelers here are many, curious and wandering, and the stories told are not of buying and selling, but of knowledge and understanding, of opening one’s eyes to the horizon and seeing what lies beyond.


Descending, the path narrows and the terrain changes. Midway down the mountain, the taverns are different. Here, we bridge the tales of the peak with the earnest conversations of the valleys below. The wine served is richer, with intent behind every sip, and the stories, while fewer, are more focused, guiding the wanderer closer to a choice, an action.


Then, as the path meets the valley, where choices are made and promises kept, the discourse is clear and direct. In the Valley-of-Decisions, brands lay out their finest wares, not just for display but for a purpose, a solution to the traveler’s weary quest. It is here, amidst the specificity of offers and the clarity of solutions, that intentions culminate and decisions are forged.

The Battlefield of Onsite Content

In this sprawling digital landscape, one could not separate a man’s online footsteps from his journey in the real world. For, in this era, where every year since the year of ’16, a staggering 1.5 billion devices of communication found hands, the world found itself in the company of over 6 billion souls interconnected. It was a world where even the most private of chambers wasn’t free from the lure of the virtual world.

As such, every whisper, every word of your brand should beckon them back to the heart of your digital territory. This heart, the foundation of your brand, is the content that resides on your own ground. It’s in the detailed sketches of products and services, the timeless tales that never age, the frequent musings in blogs, the treasures one can claim and take home, the illustrative art that tells a story, the examples set by predecessors, and the tales of those who partnered with you.

Yet, in this vast arsenal, it’s not just about quantity but the adaptation and reincarnation of the same truths. By molding these assets, by rekindling their essence in different forms, one ensures that they don’t just live, but thrive, and in doing so, yield a return that transcends the limitations of time.

Final Destinations: The Substance of Products and Services

When one comes to the final paths of the buyer’s expedition, they find themselves amidst the fortified walls of product and service pages. These are the closing lines, the last defenses, where content stands sharp, ready for engagement, poised for the ultimate conversion.

Such pages, often the first banners your brand raises, are not just idle displays. They are alive with glimpses of your craft: vivid photographs, inquiries met with answers, the voices of those who’ve marched with you, the affirmations of past allies, and sometimes even the motion of tales told through videos or the art of infographics.

These fortresses of content don’t just pronounce your key offerings but can be dismantled and rebuilt, reshaped into tales for blogs, lists, contrasting visuals, and moving pictures. In this digital war, they are the heart and soul of your brand’s battle strategy.

Unyielding Tales: The Backbone of Digital Chronicles

Evergreen content stands tall, much like the pines overlooking the trenches: resilient, always fresh, perpetually pertinent. Such content, amidst the chaos of ever-changing narratives, becomes the bedrock upon which your digital strategy stands firm. If content reigns supreme, then these evergreen tales are its timeless edicts, guiding its dominion.

Each chapter, each line of your unyielding content, isn’t just a tale told once. It’s a myriad of opportunities waiting to be hewn and shaped anew – be it in musings of blogs, the moving shadows of videos, or the fleeting glimpses on platforms like IG. To be succinct, the more facets your evergreen narrative possesses, the more paths open to mold them into morsels; bite-sized tales easy to savor and share, seamlessly flowing across the vast expanse of digital streams.

The Direct Dispatches: FAQ

While everlasting content takes many forms, there stands the FAQ, unique and unwavering. This isn’t just another tale in the digital annals but a beacon, a direct response to the frontline queries of those who seek understanding. It’s the form that addresses the immediate doubts, and in its simplicity, fortifies a brand’s presence in both the spoken and written realms of search.

Beyond the broad landscapes of your brand’s offerings, it would be prudent to harness this direct dialogue. Carve it, reshape it, and let its essence breathe life into the specific trenches of product and service narratives. It’s not just about answering; it’s about embedding that clarity where it’s needed most.

The Chronicles of Insight: Blog Posts

Beyond the direct solicitations of service pages, where conversions and experience intertwine, lie the sprawling fields of blogs. Here, your brand, like a seasoned storyteller around a campfire, can unveil its wisdom, engage wandering souls, and articulate its inherent value. These aren’t just words on a page but an orchestra of ideas; serving the dual purpose of search optimization and lighting beacons of brand recognition. They cater to the inquisitive, carving your brand as a monument, an authority in its vast dominion.

These tales, these blog chronicles, can be born from the eternal whispers of evergreen content or the focused declarations of product pages. Yet, their life does not end in prose. They transform, they evolve, breathing anew as illustrative graphics, resonating echoes in social channels, or scripts for moving tales. In the dance of content, they are both the music and the muse.

Tangible Offerings: The Craft of Downloadable Assets

In the vast expanse of the digital journey, there lie potent tools of engagement, the downloadable assets, standing as monuments of knowledge and opportunity. They serve the dual purpose of gathering the interested, and building a sanctuary of contacts.

These tangible gifts to the passerby can be forged from the timeless veins of evergreen content, the reflective narratives of blogs, or the sacred wells of proprietary data. They take form as scholarly papers, digital tomes of knowledge, or simple checklists guiding the wayward.

The art of creating these assets is twofold: your brand may breathe new life into existing tales, casting them into portable scrolls of PDFs. Alternatively, these original creations can be dissected, their essence distilled into blog posts or whispers in the social winds, all serving to herald the grandeur of the downloadable asset itself. In this digital dance, they are both the ballad and the bard.

Tales in Shadows and Lines: Infographics

In the sprawling digital arena, infographics stand as silent sentinels, telling tales through hues and forms. They are the silent whispers, yet they roar in their clarity, enabling your brand to etch its mark and value without the crutch of verbose prose.

The canvas for these visual chronicles is vast. Timeless narratives, guides that have seen many suns, and blog tales that enumerate, can all shed their skins, rebirthing as vibrant infographics. Yet, the dance doesn’t end there. These visual tales can once again morph, becoming written echoes or fragmented glimpses for the social onlookers. In this realm, they are both the story and the storyteller, in a dance as old as time.

Tales of Trials and Triumphs: Use Cases & Case Studies

In the vast landscapes of content, where tales spin and resonate, use cases and case studies stand as lighthouses of inspiration. The former, use cases, paint vivid pictures of possibility, guiding souls to envision how the tools of your brand might mend their needs. The latter, case studies, delve deeper, narrating chronicles of realized dreams and the profound value that unfolds when one commits to the offerings of your brand.

To mold product narratives into use cases or draw from the sacred wells of proprietary data for case studies is not just to inform, but to ignite the heart. To move one’s spirit, guiding them closer to a rendezvous with decision, further down the intricate dance of the conversion waltz.

Echoes in Motion: The Art of Videos

In the grand tapestry of tales, where words and visions entwine, videos arise as the melodic interlude. They beckon the senses, enthralling the viewer, lifting the banner of brand cognizance higher and brighter. In this vast digital landscape, YouTube stands as a titan, only shadowed by the giants of search engines.

Yet, in this epoch marked by fleeting TikTok serenades, the allure of the video isn’t always in grandiose productions. Sometimes, the soul of a video lies in the simplicity of its birth – perhaps a reincarnation of the ageless evergreen tale or a blog post transformed. From these seeds, one might cultivate expansive visual tales, only to then distill them into fragments, ripe for the quick dances of TikTok, the visual galleries of Instagram, or the concise echoes of Twitter. In this symphony of content, videos play both the note and the refrain.

The Cycle of Tales: Repurpose, Repackage, Revisit

In this vast theater of branding, where every narrative is a brick in the fortress of identity, there lies a commitment, deep and unwavering. It is not merely to create but to harness, to renew, to breathe life into tales time and again. For what are these tales if not investments? Treasures that, with care, can yield bounties beyond their initial promise.

To reshape, to mold, to dispatch narratives into fresh landscapes is to gift them new life. It is the act of extending the dance of content, ensuring that every step, every note, continues to resonate, touching hearts anew. And in this dance, it’s not just about revival; it’s a harmonious blend of the old and the new, introducing tales to fresh listeners, wrapping the age-old values of the brand around the pulsing needs of today’s sojourner. In this grand waltz of branding, the tune is eternal, yet ever-evolving.

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