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SEO for WordPress – Wordcamp Montreal 2012

This past weekend, I gave a presentation at Wordcamp Montreal called “SEO for WordPress”. In it, I explored:

how to use WordPress to maximize your chances of ranking for the terms that are most relevant to your content. Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • Building a Keyword Targeted Category Taxonomy
  • Key SEO Plugins
  • Addressing Duplicate Content

The goal of this session was to give audience members (1) a firm grasp on the fundamentals of onsite SEO, and (2) an introduction to what themes and plugins can help them implement the SEO best practices I discussed. Based on the reaction from the audience and on Twitter, I like to think that I achieved just that.

But I also promised to share my slide deck with everyone. So here it is, along with some additional reading that some audience members (or current readers) might find interesting.

Additional Reading

SEO for WordPress Slide Deck

CT Moore

The founder of Socialed Inc., CT Moore has over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing, and has managed SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing campaigns for both start-ups and multinational brands alike. He was also a founding partner and head of digital at anderson pigeon, a full-service agency that specializes in branding, retail strategy, and trade marketing. CT's writing has been featured in dozens of publications and blogs, and he’s spoken at conferences throughout Canada, the US, and Europe. You can stalk CT and learn more about him through his LinkedIn profile.

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